Hello Fellow Gamers,


Have you seen our spiffy little 9 logo around town?

Perhaps you've heard of that card game with the nine's?

Maybe you've even play-tested it?

"But what is it?" - You may ask...

Imagine all the card games you've heard about or played while growing up. Now imagine they all got together and had a baby!

Krypto-nine is that new bundle of joy that never gets boring or repetitive!!

It's one of our card games that has been in development for the past 4 years and is just about ready to make its debut as the top game in your collection!


1) Players take turns playing cards from their hand that add up to 9. 

2) Once a player has played all his/her cards, the round is over and they receive a Victory Card.

3) Victory Cards allow players to manipulate the game-play and mess around with other players.

4) The playing cards then get reshuffled and a new round begins! 

5) Once a player reaches 9 played Victory Cards, they win the game!

With over 100 Victory Cards, combinations and strategies are almost endless!!



Jess - BC, Canada

"Krypto-nine has easily taken a top spot in my stash of games! With mash-up strategy, humor and outrageous fun, it is a great addition to any party or social event.

I love introducing new players to the game and seeing their reactions to some of those wild Victory Cards!"


Colin - BC, Canada

"The first time I played was with just the creator and myself. The game is designed to be played with a minimum of 3 people, but we made it work with 2. 

It's fast-paced, quick and a lot of fun! I thoroughly enjoyed it right from the start."


Johanna - BC, Canada

"Surprisingly fun and incredibly versatile! Awesome memories are made with Krypto-nine; much like Cards Against Humanity.

Unlike CAH though, you won't accidentally offend anyone at the bar! One of my best game purchases for sure!"


Rel - Florida, USA

"Krypto-nine is one of the best double-sided games ever invented. You can play with friends who don't mind a shot or two, or with friends who aren't drinkers!

I love the anticipation of the dares and tricks awaiting for a player to pull from the deck. Great game that always results in fun times and laughter!"

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